Thursday, June 25, 2009

some work

Last spring Bernina friends were invited to celebrate the newest series 800, by entering their work in a contest. The rules were simple, one could enter any textile work: a quilt, a garment, a bag ect., the number 8 used for the 800 series was to be present in the work, the colors were to be black, white with a touch of red and silver, the work had to be sewn on a Bernina sewing machine ( how do they figure that out i do not know :))! ). Only one winner, only one prize: an Aurora 440 sewing machine or a coupon of the amount of the Aurora to be placed toward the purchase of a 800 series. I was really enticed by it so i participated. The piece i made is very detailed and it was a challenge, i learned every day things about design, color and composition. I used most of the functions of my sewing machine ( an Aurora 440, i love it! ) and i got to know her much better.
I did not win the prize, but i won because i learned so much in the process. Every day was a new discovery, working in ways i never worked before and getting out of my comfort zone.

Stretch yourself today and learn new things, you'll love it!



Miki said...

Ciao Roberta,
sono contenta del grande successo della tua iniziativa.
ogni tanto ti dimentichi di mettere nei post la versione in italiano di quello che scrivi, ma c'è un lato positivo in tutto questo........mi stò impratichendo a leggere l'inglese!!

Mandy said...

So true! You need to push yourself to get the most out of any project. Thanks for sharing.

Tessilesa said...

ciao Roberta!! giovedì spedirò le 13 coperte che abbiamo realizzato. Ci siamo anche date un nome : TOCH e TUCKIT (pezzi e pezzettini in dialetto varesotto.) Ciao e grazie per aver permesso anche a noi di partecipare a questa esperienza. Ciao Francesca

Ruth said...

What amazing quilts! I've enjoyed looking at your blog and have added it to my list of blogs to follow! Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!

Tessilesa said...

ciao, Roberta, vorrei sapere se sono arrivate a destinazione le coperte che ho spedito giovedì scorso. Le mie amiche sono curiose di sapere se il loro lavoro è arrivato a destinazione. Un abbraccio, Francesca

Marlis said...

LOVE your "bernina" piece!