Thursday, June 25, 2009

how higher will it get?

This is the beginning of the " Pile ", that's how it's called in our house. It sits very visibly in the open foyer of our home and if the door is open anyone passing by can see it. I enjoy it constantly since our home is sort of open and i pass by it very often to go in the kitchen or any other place in the house. Quilts are now coming every day and here is the new Pile:
59 quilts! We will see how high it will get.... I want you to meet the official " Unpacker ", I had to create the position since he claimed it as soon as the first quilt arrived: my husband Vincent. He loves to open packages that come our way.... so it was natural for him to do it for a thousand colors.
Here he is opening the large box that came today containing four quilts, he is aided by my darling dog Vera, our italian hound, she loves to inspect the quilts by sniffing them!

Don't they look like experts in checking out the quilts?
Yesterday we marked the record of number of quilts received in one day: 8!!! Assan came over with a smile as big as his face telling me: " Roberta you have four boxes today! " Later the mailperson stopped by giving us notices for three more packages to be picked up at the post office. Four quilts were from Switzeland, one from my Italia, one from Germany and two from Japan from my friend Tanya Watanabe. Aren't they all beautiful? You all have and are working so hard to make this project possible, every day i learn of new quilts in the making and i really do not know when it's going to stop!!! Thank you all from my heart, i knew quilters were special, but i was not ready to be so overwhelmed by all the love and generosity. Life in Abruzzo right now is really hard, 20'000 people still live in tents, many in hotels along the coast and yesterdy they had a "shake" of 5,4. I'm glad we will all be able to bring a smile to many children's faces when school starts with our quilts!

A big hug to all of you


Quanto alta diventera'?

Ecco la " Pila " al suo umile inizio quando i primi quilts arrivavano. La foto vicina e' la Pila oggi,
ben 59 quilts ! Ogni giorno ormai ne arrivano, irei e' stata la giornata record, otto in un giorno.
Assan ormai mi da del tu e mi chiama per nome, ieri e' arrivato con un sorriso che gli occupava l'intera faccia dicendo: " Oggi ci sono quattro colli per te! E sono grandi! " Sono tutti in bella mostra nella spaziosa entrata di casa nostra e siccome casa e' tutta aperta, ogni volta che passo li ammiro felice. Nella terza foto, vi presento lo " Spacchettatore" ufficiale di Mille Colori, mio marito Vincent, aiutato dalla sua ombra, la nostra cagnetta Vera che essendo un segugio italiano, il suo contributo e' quello di annusare tutti i quilts. Non sembrano due esperti giudici di quilts? La sola differenza e' che in questo concorso vincono tutti il primo premio perche' sono gesti d'amore e di generosita'.
Chi e' gia' stato in Abruzzo personalmente, riporta che la vita di ogni giorno e' durissima, specie per chi e' in tenda e specie per le donne. Il nostro pensiero vada a loro stasera insieme ad una preghiera.

Vi abbraccio tutte



Allie said...

WOW!!!!!!!! What a huge pile! Warms my heart, it really does.
I checked the tracking number, our quilts have reached Italy, they should be there soon - how exciting!

Mandy said...

I agree Allie. It is so wonderful taht there are so many quilts heading for the children.

jan said...

You have had a wonderful response from Quilters Worldwide, this is as it should be, this is just what Quilting is all about. Well done to all the Quilters and thank you Roberta for thinking of us to help out. I would love to see the childrens faces when they get their Quilts. Much love to you and your husband, I hope it keeps on growing, that pile of Quilts, I want it to hit your ceiling. :-) Janet in UK

Cristina said...

Grazie e ancora grazie.....sono proprio mille e mille colori....

Ruth said...

What beautiful quilts! What an exciting project! I will be praying for its growth and success! Your dog is cute!!!