Saturday, June 30, 2012

It is happening!!! Si inizia!!!

Si inizia!!! Attraverso il tam tam di internet, ho gia' ricevuto adesioni a "Mille Colori per i bimbi d'Emilia"! Alcune avevano gia' partecipato al progetto per l'Abruzzo altre sono nuove. Se mi leggi per la prima volta e vuoi saperne di piu', qui trovi il tutto, mettiti una mano sul cuore e una alle stoffe, rotella e macchina per cucire, la tua fantasia ti aiutera'...Ora corro da Merceria e Dintorni dove aquistero' un po' di coloratissimi tessuti e raccontero' alle quiltiste presenti del secondo progetto....a proposito, fanno una svendita inusitata!

It is happening!!! Through the wonderful internet community, many quilters already responded to the project "A Thousand colours for Emilia's children"! You can read about it here and if you want to partecipate, let me know!

Always stitching
~ Roberta ~

ore 20:12
Sono da poco tornata da Padova ( dove molte hanno dato l"adesione) e ho trovato 9 mail di adesione a Mille colori per l'Emilia!!!! Hurra' a tutte voi, sapete chi siete, tante nuove, molte che avevano gia' partecipato!
Mi sono commossa come il solito e mi sa che gli occhi saranno ben lubrificati nei prossimi giorni!

8:12 p.m.
I just came back from quilt shop in Padua (many are going to participate) and I found 9 e- mails of quilters: new ones and old ones who already participated in the project in 2009!!! I take my hat off to you ladies! Naturally I wept for joy as in 2009.....

Thursday, June 28, 2012

let's do it again!

This picture of the historical watch tower of Finale just breaks my heart, but much more the ten thousand people housed in tents after the earthquake that took place in the Modena province (northern Italy) at the end of may. It is the neverending quake, the shakes were many and very strong and they do not seem to cease, the people live in constant fear. 27 the dead and entire small villages crumbled to the ground. The area that was hit  was full of historical buildings, treasures of Italy and also of many important businesses and artisans who lost everything. Thousands are our of work, but the "emiliani" (the folks who live in Emilia the region that was hit) are lively folks, very industrious and after the first shake went back to their businesses and factories location  just to see what was left  crumble down irreparably with the second strong shake. 
All Italy is helping again after three years fom the Abruzzo's quake, where a lot still needs to be done!
Exactly three years ago this blog was filled with posts about the quilting project called "A Thousand colours for Abruzzo's children" that brought, through the solidarity and love of the world's quilting community 300 quilts to preschool children in the area of the hearthquake.
Let's do it again!!! Today I invite the world's quilting community to participate in the second project "A Thousand colours for Emila's children".

I remember the excitement when the quilts arrived one at the time or entire boxes full of them, so colorful, so beautiful. so full of love from all over the world...

...the packing of the huge RV, hardly any room left for Vincent and I!

The affectionate kisses of the children receiving their quilt and the grateful hand shakes of the parents...

 It was one of the most meaningful experiences of  our lives.
Let's do it again!

You can read the whole story in the 2009 archives beginning april and here you find the guidelines if you wish to participate in the project "A Thousand Colours for Emilia's children".
If you would like to participate in the project send me an e mail and
if you have any further questions contact me and I'll be glad to answer them.

Always stitching
~ Roberta ~

P.S. Thank you all for reading such a long post! The picture of the watchtower of Finale is from the internet. After a few days of standing like you see in the photo, it crumbled to the ground while the inhabitants of the town whatched in sadness the end of their beloved tower.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

happy anniversary!




Happy 5th anniversary my beloved children, keep loving and caring for each other!

Hope to see you very soon.

Always thinking of you
~ Roberta (mamma)~